Flipgrid™ is simple.
Teachers create grids of short discussion-style questions that students respond to through recorded videos. Flipgrid boosts community and social presence in face-to-face, hybrid, and online classrooms.

Give your students a voice.
Demo Flipgrid

1. Teachers ask

2. Students respond

3. Everyone shares

iPad app now available!

Flipgrid is now iPad friendly

The 100,000+ video responses that have been recorded, viewed, liked, and shared in Flipgrid are now available on the iPad. Your Flipgrid communities can record their thoughts in the app and instantly view their videos in the broswer (and vice versa, of course).

Create grids and add questions

You can create up to five* grids with a Flipgrid account. Grids can be classes, sections, groups of students, research groups, faculty groups, or any collection of users interested in a common strand of questions. Each grid can hold an unlimited number of questions, and each question can hold an unlimited number of responses.

Questions are short, text-based prompts (think Twitter™) that can include basic formatting (e.g., bold, italic) and links to websites or documents.

* Additional grids can be purchased in the Flipgrid Admin Tool

Unlimited questions per grid. Unlimited response videos per question.

Simple admin tools

Flipgrid uses a streamlined single-page admin tool for you to create, manage, and share your grids with students and colleagues. Spend a minute to explore the admin and it will be second nature.

Did we say it’s simple? See for yourself.

In the Flipgrid Admin you can set a grid’s Color Style (background and highlight colors), Moderation (if you want to approve videos before they are posted), Privacy (password-protected or not), Social Links (whether videos can be shared outside of Flipgrid on blogs, Facebook, or Twitter), Activity (whether the grid is live or in development), and Notifications (if you’d like to receive emails when students respond).

208 color combinations

You can make your grids feel at home by styling them with your university or school colors, or select a combined background and highlight color that fits your grid theme. Change it up as often as you want and have fun!

Now, share your grid. Questions love responses ... lots of them!
1. Questions
2. Responses
3. Record

Students respond with video

Students can follow your grids and receive email updates when new questions are added. In addition, you can email a link to the grid or each individual question with ease. When students respond they snap a thumbnail photo (with multiple filter options to have a little fun and get aligned with the webcam), record their video response (up to 90 seconds) as many times as they need, and submit their video.

Students have several ways to connect with their personal videos and those of their peers: by likes and direct links, as well as Twitter, Blog, and Facebook integration. Remember, teachers set whether videos can be shared outside of Flipgrid if privacy is a concern. It’s up to you.

Flipgrid automatically adapts to your class size

Whether you have 10 students in a graduate course, 25 students in a high school class, or 1,000+ students in a MOOC, Flipgrid is ready to maximize social presence with your students and automatically adapts to the number of response videos in each question.

No student accounts required!

With Flipgrid’s unique combination of moderation, privacy, and password-protection controlled by you, the teacher, students can focus on thinking and reflecting, rather than trying to remember their account info. We handle the security and leave the privacy to you.

Flipgrid isn't just for the classroom...

Flipgrid is currently being used in religious settings, at weddings, in online research projects, at businesses and government offices for team collaboration, and in numerous community groups.

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